[…] but I never believed that books for young people should differ from books for adults except for the fact that they must reckon with the most exacting class of critics, critics who are quick to detect and resent any trace of pretentious jargon or bogus sentiment

Preface, The History of Art - E. H. Gombrich

(Probably one of my favorite books of all time. I’m re-reading it, so lots of quotes to come)

My first zbrush beauty :)

The modelling is still a bit rough, but I like it so far

Preview of something I’m working on on Zbrush - I’m just beginning to learn the software, but it beats the crap out of Max when it comes to organic modelling. AND it’s really fun :D


Aaaand it’s done. I’m pretty happy with this


I know Eleanor and Park is set in the 1980s, but I kept imagining them in contemporary clothes and surroundings, for some reason…


I was in the car doodling a bit the other day, and this came out

A silly portrait of me and my two good french friends, Jessica and Julie :)

Clown girl

Young Spock! \o/